The Beginning

The hardest part about doing anything is to get up and do it. For five years now I’ve been telling myself that I will start a blog. I involve myself with many late night activities, most of which are technical in nature, and as both a documentation to me to refer to as well as a resource for others to learn from I would like to start web logging (bloging for short) these activities. I am actively involved in ham radio. I currently serve as the president for the Sioux Amateur Radio Club. I also maintain the computer networks for a number of different places and work as a technical consultant for hospitals in the surrounding area. I love music, and use it as an outlet to play with pro audio equipment. Since the birth of our child I’ve become more interested in video production, and as a side of video production, photography.

I pride myself, although it drives many people nuts, in incorporating technical innovations all over my house. I haven’t tested the theory but I strongly suspect I have the most technical house in Grand Forks ND. The lights are controlled by a central controller downstairs which is also tied into our security system and RFID entry system, from the RFID entry system it is tied to my computers which allows me to control almost every aspect of our home from a laptop with an Internet connection. The security feed comes through a modulator that is then routed through our network as well, so I can watch the house from anyway as well, and thanks to Palm OS I can watch it from my phone. What phone should I buy is a discussion for different time.

Two things served as catalysts for my new endeavorer. The first was obviously the birth of our baby boy Noah. The second was the recent election, I found myself with much to say and no way to say it. The problem is of course to do it in a ethical way, which means avoiding Google, Microsoft, and Apple at all costs. To the best of my research wordpess is open source so we’ll start with them, if all else fails I suppose I’ll just have to set up my own blog server. I actually went to sign up for an account, found that my screen name was taken, and then checked only to find that I already had an account since 2007 that I haven’t done anything with. As stated previously I’ve been planning to do this for sometime. So here is the beginning of my rambling thoughts on line, mixed occasionally with technical insight that you may or may not care about.

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