The Laptop Saga

My new System 76 Lemur Ultra arrived. For the first time in my life I filmed the unboxing of my new laptop. The first laptop I ever had was when I was in 5th grade. It was an IBM ThinkPad I think it was a 755C. The battery lasted only about 20 minutes and that’s if I started it up while it was plugged in, all I could do is word process and play a game of mine sweaper, it weighed about 10lbs and I loved it.I took it everywhere with me. The next computer wasn’t really a computer but a wordprocessor. I include it only because I carried it around like a laptop, I used it much like a laptop and wrote a lot of stories, while it may not qualify as my second laptop it has earned it’s place in an honorable mention. My true second laptop was an IBM ThinkPad 560e. This was the first real useful laptop I ever had. This was the first laptop I ever put online. It had a PCMCIA modem that I would wait until my parents were asleep and then connect it up. My social engineering skills were being developed as I obtained the password to the Internet. My next laptop was my HP Pavilian. This was the first computer I owned that I didn’t run into a limitation. There was never a time I wanted to do something and the computer wasn’t capable of it. That only lasted for a bit then things started to break on it, careful as I was with it. The next laptop was of course my trusty Dell Inspiron 1100 which I still have, and still love. This was the computer that turned me on to Dell and has kept me a customer for many years. I went from that to my D820, and from my D820 to my E6320. As many of you know I often use an alternative laptop for a bit here and there to test the waters at how the computer runs and works. If I’m being completely honest I have not really decided to replace my main laptop with my new System 76. However, usually when it’s just a temporary laptop when I travel my main laptop goes with me, all my files stay on my main laptop, and my main laptop is what I always have access to. I have moved all my files to my new System 76. I plan on doing a lot of traveling with only my System 76. It will be accompanying me to LinuxFest. It’s not because I don’t love the beautiful design. It’s not because the WiFi card seems to connect to everything imaginable and give me speeds only dreamed of. It’s not even because of the impressive build quality. It’s mostly because Dell has been so good to me for so long, that my new laptop hasn’t quite earned the title of “Noah’s Main Laptop”. On the off chance that changes in the future though, I want the unboxing filmed.

My new System 76 Lemur Ultra came pre-installed with Ubuntu. As I expected getting all of my software to run in Ubuntu was less than easy. I still can not get Lotus Notes installed. I’m waiting for IBM to write a 64bit version for Ubuntu or to play around with it long enough to get it to work, which brings to me to my next point.

I am so sick of people in the community talking about how every distro needs to go to a rolling release. Even the CEO of System 76 said he believes that the idea of LTS (Long term support, which means that release is supported for 5 years) is flawed because people don’t mind new versions but they don’t trust developers that will release a new version that won’t break things. !!News Flash!! When you tell companies you’re going to roll out a new software every 6 months, or even worse, you just continually roll out releases with no definitive date, you severely limit if not entirely eliminate the ability of big companies to roll software out for given releases. I don’t have to have the most bleeding version of every software, what I do have to have is software that works. I personally use Fedora when I want to be on the bleeding edge, but one of the few attractions I had to Ubuntu was that they supported one release for a long time. Software releases do serve a purpose, LTS does serve a purpose, and no we should not discontinue them and move everything to a rolling release.

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